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Performance Degradation when using XNA Control with Avatareeing

first post: GarimaJS wrote: I am building a WPF application for different 3D avatars. I am usin...

Run WPF XNA Control Error

first post: xgd224743 wrote: Running WPF Xna Control deom execute (Win+L) Lock screen,UnLock S...

MouseWheel Not check

first post: xgd224743 wrote: MouseWheel += new EventHandler<MouseEventArgs>(Input_Wheel); Is I...

Cant put WPF controls on top of XNA control

first post: tylerm123 wrote: Not sure if anyone still looks here, but I've been trying to get th...

latest post: tylerm123 wrote: double post

Crashes on Sleep

first post: WCH wrote: I never tried hibernate. Fix Me!

Mouse Position Bug

first post: kbillemeyer wrote: First, I want to say that this control has been really useful, so ...

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